Yellowstone's Dahlberg deadly on offense in 5-4 win against Great Falls

Yellowstone kept Great Falls's goalie busy throughout the game, and Lauren Massie made 33 saves on 38 shots.

Yellowstone also had goals scored by Max Doner, Nicholas Elliot, and Justin Berezinski, who each put in one. In addition, Yellowstone received assists from Curtis Greenbush, who had two and Matt Runyon, Manuel Manero, Jake Dickison, Tristan Henrichs, Reed Kelly, and Will Landsverk, who each chipped in one.

Great Falls's defensemen played an important role in the offense, chipping in two goals.Great Falls kept Yellowstone's goalie busy throughout the game, and Lance Knudson made 47 saves on 51 shots.Great Falls' normally stingy defense allowed more goals than usual. Great Falls are averaging 2 goals against for the season.

Great Falls were led by Kyle Johnson, who finished with one goal and one assist.Johnson scored in the third period to make the score 4-3 Yellowstone. Jesse Johnson claimed the first assist on the goal, and Tegan Harrington got the second.Others who scored for Great Falls included Connor Barta, Miles Giorgione, and Ricards Bernhards, who scored one each. More assists for Great Falls came via Harrington, Reed Link, Josh Larson, Johnson, Austin Krantz, and Tyler Garcia, who contributed one apiece.

Yellowstone incurred ten minutes in penalty time with five minors. Great Falls incurred 18 minutes in penalty time with four minors.