Yellowstone wins tough contest against Billings, 3-2


Yellowstone and Billings were evenly matched throughout their contest, but Yellowstone made the most of its opportunities and won, 3-2.

Each team kept the other at bay throughout the game, and Curtis Greenbush secured the win for Yellowstone with a goal in the third period.


Yellowstone was paced by Greenbush, who racked up one goal and one assist. Greenbush scored on the power play 5:54 into the third period to make the score 3-2 Yellowstone. Yellowstone had taken the advantage when Billings' Mason Graves got sent off for tripping. Cosimo Yapello picked up the assist.

Yellowstone was often in penalty trouble, totaling seven minors and one major for 29 minutes in penalty time. Yellowstone had been averaging 21.0 minutes in penalties per game. Yellowstone put up an impenetrable defensive front on the penalty kill, and did not allow Billings to score on any of its four power plays. Yellowstone kept Billings' goalie busy throughout the game, and Gage Overby made 53 saves on 56 shots.

Others who scored for Yellowstone included Hunter Ruschmeyer and Nick Green, who scored one goal each. In addition, Yellowstone received assists from Nick Ligocki, who had one.

Billings forced Yellowstone goalie Derrick LaCombe to work between the pipes, taking 32 shots. Billings found itself short handed often, totaling 22 penalty minutes and allowing nine power plays.

Billings additionally got points from Cameron Birklid, who also had one goal and one assist. More assists for Billings came via Roy Aharonovich, who had one.

LaCombe rejected 30 shots on goal for Yellowstone. Yellowstone ran into serious disciplinary problems during the contest, and Ruschmeyer was ejected from the game.