USA Hockey Rule Update for ’11-’12 Season

The following is a description set forth from USA Hockey on Rule # 613 "Fisticuffs":

    Any player who removes his (or opponents) helmet prior to or during an altercation shall be assessed an automatic Game Ejection / Game Misconduct.

    This is the spirit or intention of this rule;

  •     If a player unsnaps his helmet-automatic misconduct in addition to all other penalties assessed, no exception, rule # 304e. When a player steps on the ice he is deemed "ready to play", therefore mouth guard & helmet required, including warm up period.
  •     If a player/players remove their or opponents helmet before a fight, Game Misconduct.
  •     If a player grabs, pulls or pushes the helmet off during or before a fight, Game Misconduct.

    If during the course of the fight a helmet becomes dislodged, this is NOT a penalty, the intent to remove must be there. This will be monitored closely and common sense should play a part in this area…