Host a Quake Player

Interested in hosting a Yellowstone Quake Player?


Hosting a Quake player (billeting) is a fantastic experience, whether you live alone or have a house full of your own children.

The players arrive late August to early September and stay throughout the hockey season (until mid-March or early April). Players range in age from 16 to 20 years old. All of the players are expected to either hold a part-time job or attend high school/college classes.

Each month, billet families will receive a $300 per month stipend per each player to help deter some of the expenses of extra food and utilities.

Billet Family Requirements:

  • must pass a criminal background check
  • provide the player(s) a private room
  • have food on hand for breakfast and provide a nutritious dinner
  • basic living necessities
  • monitor behavoir
  • report any incidents to the board of directors and coach immediately

Families interested in hosting a Quake player should contact:   Katy Brittain  at   call her directly at (307) 899-2638


My living experience in Cody, Wyoming during the time I billeted with the Yellowstone Quake was beyond great. The family I was placed with, the Driesel’s, were amazing. They were very welcoming and I was incredibly comfortable living there. They invited me along with the family on camping trips, horn hunting, church . . . basically everything. They even took me shooting my first time. I also have tons of great memories spending time with their boys, Aaron and Ben. Living in Cody with the Driesel’s was one of the greatest experiences/times in my life and I would extremely recommend billeting with this family if you are playing for the Quake and have the choice.

Trent Carter


So tonight we said goodbye to the guys of the Quake team . . . looking back on the season I had the fortune of getting to know these guys .  These guys have made an everlasting impression on this team and community. We will see some of them next year, but some will be moving on. I couldn’t be more proud to know these individuals and some deserve individual recognition. Cole Stewart, your work with the kids this year meant the world to them and to me. They looked forward to skating, practicing with you and watching you with them is what most parents want for their children – seeing their smiles after a session with you is priceless! Thank you for all that you did and I can’t wait to see your success to come! Next is Justin Dumont – you will forever be known to my kids are the fort-night guy! Thank you for embracing the kids and letting them share your victories with you! Mason Stewart – where do I start? You embraced Wyatt when you found out you were his favorite player. The impression that you left on him and the example you set is exactly what any parent would want for their kid and I want to thank you for that. The relationship you have built with him is amazing and I am honored to have you as a role model for my son. Jake Ford – the kids talk about skating with you and taking lessons from you as well. There are certainly more of the guys to thank and mention, but for the sake of sanity, I will cut it off here. Thank you to all of the guys and coaches of the Quake!

Josh Schmidt